Testimonials for Bedford Montessori School

“I have developed individual, unique relationships with teacher, staff, and other parents that enhance our family’s experience. Everyone has been helpful and respectful. My children are learning academic skills in addition to good manners and polite behavior. We are pleased with this school and we feel so lucky to have this school in our town. I look forward to the coming years.”


“All children are appreciated for their unique gifts, and activities are tailored to their individual development needs. After being in the Montessori program for 3 years, I often think how fortunate I have been to have such a wonderful place for my son to spend his time while I have to be at work. Nothing can be more comforting for a working ‘away from the home’ parent than to know their children are being well cared for by people who have the same values, hopes and dreams for their children as they do.”

“Our son loves going to school every day. He loves his teachers. We love the multicultural lessons that he learns and the parent involvement. The school follows the Montessori philosophy and educational approach of ‘learning by doing.’ The school also teaches emotional and social skills, fostering the development of indent, polite, gracious, and responsible children.”

“We were at the Museum of Fine Arts yesterday. It made us proud when our daughter mentioned that her class is studying Henri Matisse (said with precise French pronunciation at that). She loved making crafts there and visiting the Impressionist section with plenty of art by Monet, an artist she is already familiar with and they will be studying in January.”

“Our daughter started school at Bedford Montessori, and within six months, she was not only associating sounds with letters, she was able to read very beginning books. I don’t know if it’s the teachers at BMS, the Montessori method, or if it’s just being around kids who like learning, and teachers who know how to and love to teach preschoolers. Whatever it is, it really worked for my daughter.”

“When searching for a school for our daughter, we had two specifics on which we would not budge: a warm and caring environment, and a program that would allow our daughter to be a child with opportunities for her to be challenged when she was ready. BMS surpassed those expectations within weeks of her enrollment. Not only does she love to learn, but she’s self-motivated, respectful of children and adults, and feels safe and cared for. The environment at BMS has helped make her confident, happy, and curious about the world. In addition, she was reading and doing multiplication at the age of four, with absolutely zero pressure from us.”