WELL-ESTABLISHED We have been educating children in Bedford for more than 25 years.

GREAT ENVIRONMENT Our classrooms provide a beautiful and warm environment where children learn grace, patience and respect.

STIMULATING MATERIALS The children are free to choose from a rich array of Montessori-specific and other age-appropriate hands on activities.

OUR TEACHERS are Montessori certified or currently enrolled in an accredited Montessori teacher training program. The director is also a certified Montessorian.

CHILDREN SET THEIR OWN PACE Children work at their own pace toward their own interests in a way that enables them to enjoy learning and have fun as they grow, mature, and prepare for elementary school.

INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION Our students receive one-on-one and group lessons from a teacher. Each child’s success is measured solely on an individual basis.

MULTI-AGE CLASSROOMS Because the children in our preschool classrooms can range from 3 to 6 years old, they are offered a unique learning environment. Children learn from their teachers and also from each other. By giving lessons to their peers, children develop confidence in what they have learned while enhancing their self-image at the same time.

SPECIALISTS In addition to our Montessori-trained staff, we also engage specialists who visit the classrooms to teach the children music, yoga, and Spanish.