BMS Curriculum Overview

The Book Group

Every afternoon the older children have a special session with the school director, which is fondly called "The Book Group." At the beginning of the school year the children learn the parts of a book, such as the cover, spine, end papers, dedication page, and title page. Then the group investigates different types of stories, beginning with picture books such as The Mitten by Jan Brett, then story/picture books such as The Raft by Jim LaMarche, and finally chapter books such as The Cricket in Times Square by George Seldon.

The books we read are carefully chose not only for their appeal to children by for their wholesome content, beautiful language and inspiring illustrations. Our director is well-versed in the world of children's literature and has presented workshops to parents and teachers in this area.

In these sessions, students quickly learn to recognize titles, authors, illustrators, characters, settings and plots. When they are ready, some children will give a "Book Talk" to tell the others about a favorite story.