Everyday Living

The Montessori philosophy is not limited to educating the intellect alone. The Everyday Living activities are intended to attract all age groups within the multi age classroom and are also designed for use by children of differing abilities.

Everyday Living activities are clearly laid out in the classrooms, attractively displayed and easily accessible to the children. The materials and objects within the classrooms are familiar but child-size. The ‘works’ are displayed in sequence from left to right, from simple to more complex, progress from using two hands to one hand, to using tools and from concrete to more abstract. The choice of work depends on each child but the teacher is available as a guide if required.

The basic hand movements that the children master through repetition will help them learn to hold a pencil, to write and form letters. The completion of tasks from left to right helps the child learn to read. The concentration that the child develops when completing complex tasks and the attention to detail required to do so, helps the child in number work, in scientific works and in completing any future task they are set.