culturalWe all inhabit the same earth. The purpose of our geography lessons is to help the child to become familiar with our earth and to develop an understanding of where they are in relation to everyone else. The primary classrooms study a particular continent or geographic region each year, learning about animals, peoples, traditions, games, language, homes, foods etc. and present their works to parents during a Geography Day in the Spring.

Our youngest children work with continent puzzle maps and continent animals and country flags. The older children may make paper maps or even use watercolor to paint their own maps of each continent and label countries or capital cities.

There are many discussions about life in each of the continents. For example:

  • Who lives there?
  • What do the people eat?
  • What animals live there?
  • What special places, customs and languages are found there?
  • Where do I live? How am I connected to the rest of the world?