The teachers in our classrooms to provide a carefully structured environment, so that the children have the opportunity to absorb a varied vocabulary, to learn the names of a wide range of objects and to hear language spoken clearly and articulately.

12B-LanguageTo help prepare the child to write and read, there are three factors to take into consideration, physical, mental and social. Exercises such as push pin, stringing, coloring and metal insets are presented, which refine fine motor control and the children are introduced to the tripod pencil grip required by a successful writer. By careful observation and working closely with each child our teachers ensure that the mental faculties of the child are sufficiently developed to learn the sounds, memorize sight words and begin to assimilate and classify vocabulary and examine the structure of language.

12G-LanguageThe social language needs of the child are met through conversation and verbal communication between the child, its’ peers and with the teacher and by listening and taking part in conversations and discussions at home. In class the children are exposed to a wide variety of literature and there are many opportunities to look at book and read independently, thus expanding and enriching vocabulary.

The children proceed at their own pace, encouraged and supported by their teachers throughout the three year cycle.