Knowledge of similarities and differences precedes most math activities. Once these concepts are in place, children will use math materials to learn to identify numerals by name and understand basic one-to-one correspondence. They will use this knowledge to perform the basic mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using a variety of specifically-designed Montessori math materials. Children also have an opportunity to work with money, time, and fractions.

Counting and Recognizing Numbers and Quantities

sandpaper numerals spindle boxes hanging teen board
Sandpaper Numerals
Associating numeral forms with numeral name
Spindle Boxes
Associating numerals with quantities
Beginning Decimal Work
Associating numerals with quantities into the thousands
sandpaper numerals spindle boxes hanging teen board
The Hundreds Board
Sequencing numbers 1 to 100
45 Layout
Associating numbers and quantities to 9000
Hanging Teen Board
Associating numberals with quantities


addition with objects addition with bead bars additin using bank materials
Addition with Objects Addition with Bead Bars Addition using Bank Materials
subtraction with objects subtraction using bank materials multiplication with bead bars
Subtraction with Objects Subtraction using Bank Materials Multiplicaton with Bead Bars
sandpaper numerals spindle boxes hanging teen board
Multiplication Board Division with Objects Division Board

Advanced Activities

sandpaper numerals spindle boxes hanging teen board
Money Activities Fraction Activities Time Activities

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